A Lyrical Mosaic of Self Discovery and Depravation

St. Cloud, Minnesota (November 1, 2017) – Beezy Hendrix III is thrilled to announce the release of his latest EP, The Drake Tape 2, available now on iTunes and Spotify.

The Drake Tape 2 is a combination of hiphop and rap, mixing the likes of Drizzy and Kanye into a raw and addictive twist on loving young and learning fast. In this EP, Beezy Hendrix III, also known as Beethoven, re-works pieces of a broken heart into a lyrical mosaic of self-discovery and self-depravation. ‘I Know What I’ve Done,’ a smooth interlude that sets the tone for the entire EP, was the first song to be recorded and “tells the vibe of an experience that I felt with a girl over one semester in college,” says Beezy. Listen to ‘I Know What I’ve Done’ here.

Born in the Bronx and raised in Minnesota, Beezy Hendrix III defines his pinnacle moment as a musician after listening to ‘Last of a Dying Breed’ by Ludacris. “I felt like I could write to this song,” he says, and soon after released a remix that was quickly followed by his first music video to song ‘Saint Paul.’ After a push from his peers to pursue music, Beezy released his debut EP, Symphony, but failed to gain the recognition he was looking for. Despite the lack of acknowledgement of his first EP, Hendrix didn’t waste anytime getting back into the studio and blessing us with his latest work, The Drake Tape 2; A far better representation of Hendrix’s work than that of its predecessor.

The Drake Tape 2 was written in a day, but held onto for a year. “I wanted to digest it as a fan of my own work,” says Beezy, “…and to make sure this was the best way to tell the story, but feel confident in what was being said.” Listen to Hendrix walk the line between self-reflection and falling in love. Stream the full EP here.

Elicit Magazine, an online publication dedicated to telling the stories of up and coming musicians deems The Drake Tape 2 an anthem for anyone trying to find the balance between how to love and how to be loved while trying to love themselves.

“Music is the last way for me to truly express myself,” says Beezy, “where I feel people won’t accept me otherwise.”

Download Beezy’s latest EP The Drake Tape 2 here.

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