Today, Be No Rain release their debut single ‘Deadweight’. A song that has been written, re-written; recorded and re-recorded many times since its original conception in 2011, ‘Deadweight’ in its now fully realized form is the start of something special.

Fascinated with idea of eternal return; young love as a sort of fever dream – Be No Rain’s music is nostalgic, welcoming and forward-thinking, with ‘Deadweight’ standing as a confessional throwback to musical sensibilities of the past, written about someone who knows they’re weighing their partner down.

“There’s a particularly bitter stage in the decay of a relationship when your partner’s ambitions can become directly threatening to you,” Be No Rain muses. “Perhaps they mention somewhere else they’d like to live and all you hear is that they want a change. Perhaps they start learning a new language and you just wonder who they’re yearning to talk to and what they’d say. It’s something that young love is most susceptible to.” 

Blending elements of contemporary pop and indie rock with adept poetry, ‘Deadweight’, and Be No Rain’s forthcoming music follows a theme of pre-determinism, in that people are predestined to continue repeating the same events over and over again. 

Speaking a little more on the music and its themes, Be No Rain said: “The music had that quality, an endless heartbreak that stretched out and distended and repeated”. The idea of the American prom is another potent symbol within the music: “It’s an emblem of finality, a threshold moment; it seemed such a poignant place to get stuck.”