Los Angeles, CA (July 13, 2018) — Female electronic trio Bahari release their new single “Chasers” today – listen HERE; the song is available on streaming platforms worldwide. Also released today, is the mind-bending visual for “Chasers” – watch HERE (created by Zac Wolf & Steven Wilson). Bahari is comprised of singer/bassist Natalia Panzarella, singer/guitarist Sidney Sartini, and singer/keyboardist Ruby Carr.

The hypnotic new track “Chasers” details life’s endless journey of chasing after objects, love interests, and things that we may not necessarily need. Multilayered yet delicate, the track features electronic production and touches on the trials and tribulations of youth.

“Basically all three of us are very recently completely single and going out and trying to meet people,”

Ruby Carr of Bahari told Billboard. “So the song is about looking for that genuine human connection between you and someone else, and that’s kind of hard, like chasing after love and hoping but knowing that every day you find a way to f*** it up. So it’s about that craving to meet the right someone, which is what everyone is searching for.”

“Chasers” follows in the dark alt-pop footsteps of Bahari’s recent releases, Savage” and “Fucked Up” — you can watch the official video for “Fucked Up” HERE. Citing Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash as influences for their writing, the band has taken a new turn from their previous days as major label recording artists. Now independent and free to record their own music, Bahari is finding a way to remain unique while paving their own way in the new pop revolution.  The band plans to release more music this year.

Bahari Bio:

Bahari is a female electronic trio based in LA. Comprised of singer/bassist Natalia Panzarella, and singer/guitarist Sidney Sartini, and singer/keyboardist Ruby Carr, the band’s name means “ocean” in Ruby’s native African language. known for their rich harmonies, have previously toured with Selena Gomez and Birdy and collaborated with ZEDD & Grey. The band is now reclaiming their independence and diving into the world of dark, young and reckless pop. Early this year, they released the first single of their new sound, “Fucked Up,” and followed it up with “Savage” a few months later. Today, the band released their third single “Chasers.” Bahari is currently in the studio working on their new music, and plan to release an album later this year.

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