Photo Credit: Frederik Steen Nordhagen

Stream “Delirious

“Delirious” is the second single released this summer by the Danish indie rockers Aztek.

There’s no doubt that the relatively upbeat and more uplifting musical layer of this new track is a contrasting element to what the act has presented to date – however, it seems like exploring this new structural narrative is something that helped Aztek make “Delirious” not only sound but also feel like a real summer piece, while staying true to their vision, with groovy bass guitar and a catchy melody on top.

Formed back in 2015 in northern Denmark, Aztek is a name known to most people of the Danish underground indie scene. Born out of mutual interest for experimental rock, this adventurous prog rock quintet from Aalborg
introduces a sound that is equally powerful and challenging but also has a distinct melancholy to it. The classic rhythm section – guitars, bass, drums – is complemented by dreamy synthesizers and the inciting vocal of lead singer Benjamin Vestergaard Johansen, whose grandiose voice adds a colourful flavour to the band’s sound.

Harmonically experimental and ambitious, the band’s debut album Dream Dealer (2016) led to Aztek playing several big venues and festivals in recent years, including Way Up North, Nibe Festival or Denmark’s well-known SPOT Festival, an annual showcase event also known as the Nordic SXSW.

Undoubtedly, Dream Dealer was a success for them, having had received fantastic ratings in magazines like Rockstruck, Rockzeit or Sweden Rock Magazine, along with multiple mentions and reviews from some of Denmark’s most influential online music press, including GAFFA.

A follow-up to Aztek’s debut, released in August of last year, was the sophomore album Perfect Imbalance; a solid, almost an hour-long LP (released digitally and on vinyl) that only helped strengthen their position on the underground indie scene of Denmark.

Influenced by some of the world’s most successful musical pioneers (Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Kashmir, and some newer creations from The Queens Of The Stone Age), driven by endless possibilities that experimental rock brings with it and, most importantly, not afraid of progressing and improving their sound, the band is definitely here to stay. And with the release of the new singles “Darkest Hour” and “Delirious,” it is safe to
say that now it’s also the act’s own youthful energy and confidence
helping them not only explore this new chapter in their career but also
deliver what’s been harvested as a result of their work.