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When you do things long enough, you gain what’s known as a sixth sense about it. This could pertain to who is doing what, how they do it, and what it takes to get it done. For example, there’s a process that goes into crafting songs. There’s the arranging, writing, production (including post & pre), and even the idea that likely sparked all of the aforementioned processes. Pretty much anything that requires a great deal of energy always seems worth it to see it all the way through; That’s really the way to truly partake of the magic of that process. When I heard Anna Dellaria’s Pop/Soul Single release, “At My Worst”, I felt a sort of warming intertwined with a soulful singing & songwriting process of a new Pop/R&B princess. 

Anna Dellaria is a San Franciscan Soul singer, who’s melodic efforts have been compared to the likes of greats like Adele and the late Aretha Franklin. The lists of who she’s performed alongside is just as impressive including Creedence Clearwater Revival’s John Fogerty, Billboard hit aficionado Lamonte Dozier, and Soul Music Hall of Fame Inductee, Chaka Khan.

Dellaria graduated from USC’s prestigious Pop Music Program in 2017, and since then she has wielded over 365K Spotify streams, a song preview on the hit show ‘Younger,’ and a 2018 Academy Award performance. Co-signs from ‘Forgets Me Nots’ singer, Patrice Rushen, the Voice’s vocal coach, Romeo Johnson, and Dancing With the Star’s Sean Holt, suffice the success, that seemingly drapes over Anna as a singer. Anna’s Singles & EPs can be streamed on Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube Music. 

Usually when songs are heard for the first time, there’s an immediate zone in for the mood elicited by way of the song’s BPMs. That’s not the case with Dellaria’s “At My Worst,” as the silky-like-soul stirring strength of her voice, vehemently laces within ridiculously lit production for off the charts vigor.

“The single is produced by my good friend and collaborator Jonny Shorr, who also co-wrote alongside Will Jay and I,” comments Anna. “We got together in the studio and I had mentioned wanting to do something with a bit more attitude – and we dove in on “At My Worst”!

The writing exceptionally leads, liaisons, and lessons listeners on what it’s going to take in order to grace Anna’s romantic kindness. The irony is that Dellaria’s “At My Worst” vivaciously explains how her kindness comes at a deeply appreciated cost. The stand out summative stanzas for me ring by way of the refraining chorus, “I’m a whole lot to deal with, / My touch, one in a million, / Say you’ll always love me even if it hurts, / Want me at my best, then take me at my worst…” The piece as a whole is exceptionally written, produced, recorded.

“Too often,  we allow our flaws and vulnerabilities to justify settling for less or expecting less from others. One day, I was inspired to write something for myself and others on the days when we’re tired of compromising and meeting other people’s standards, just because we’ve believed for so long that we’re unworthy of more,” says Anna. “I had a moment of realizing, “Wtf! The reason this person is ‘drawn’ to me is because of the chaos inside of me that allows for those beautiful parts to exist!”

On paper Anna Dellaria’s Pop/Soul Single release, “At My Worst” reads like a how-to-manual for hearting a strong woman, while it’s sonically manufactured to sound like an anthem for tough love. There are some pretty heavy hitting industry names attached to Dellaria’s resume, but once you’ve heard “At My Worst,” you holistically understand why. There’s indeed a deep love for Soul music wielding through her voice, and it also sounds like she’s willing to put in the effort to utilize her aural powers to the best of her ability.

“I hope this song enables everybody to be their boldest selves and celebrate their quirks or imperfections as the tools that allow us to be stronger, better and so much more,” comments Anna. “Most importantly, I hope the song inspires people to grab a friend or drink (or both!), and yell “Want me at my best? Then take me ‘At My Worst’ and vow to never settle for less, and to celebrate their “crazy” or “weird” sides.”

There has a been a wave of 80’s and 90’s R&B that has been circulating for some time now, and “At My Worst” winningly suffices any Pop yearnings along those lines. There’s no question after listening of whether or not “At My Worst” is a solid jam. To me, it’s a sound confirmation that Anna Dellaria is intent on hitting the charts either now or eventually. The more I think about it, “At My Worst”, at its best shows that despite the industry’s new age of streaming, social media, and web savvy deal signing, soulful singing and writing are without a doubt, still winning.

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