London-based singer and songwriter ANDRO returns with a stunning set of visuals for his politically charged single “Lost Cause.” The new single offers a thought-provoking commentary on institutionalized racism in society today.

Co-produced with Mathias Boman, “Lost Cause” is enriched with funk-filled basslines and warped synth patterns as ANDRO’s distinctive vocals soar over the complex musical terrain. Sirens wail in the background, gradually making their way to the surface as the alarm bells earmark the threatening proximity of police brutality.

“‘Lost Cause’ is an elucidation that our collective work isn’t finished” ANDRO offers. “It was written in a moment of my own despondency to current events and a comment on the historical beliefs of the Lost Cause of the Confederacy, which has fed Police Brutality and White Supremacy to this day…”

Listen to “Lost Cause” here.