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Sort of tiering an Amy Winehouse like choice of chanteuse over an appropriately balanced Akai MPC 2000’s productive take, AMELIA coordinates rather congruously on latest superfluously Alternative Pop Single, “Never Last.”

AMELIA hails from Atlanta, Georgia where she got her first funnel into the tunnel of the rabbit hole of Hollywood by way of a scholastic production of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. “Never Last” is her debut single, but the number of songs she’s released (that we know of) seems to be the only limited liaison to AMELIA’S pealing persona, penetrative sound, and sensationally seasoned presence behind the mic.

In a recent interview with bulletmusic, AMELIA explains that, “her music was meant to alleviate…anxiety”, as she exudes herself as an artist who illustrates a plight to pressure past the angst and anxieties often associated with the insurgence of social media.

The production on AMELIA’S “Look Back” should come across to listeners as clear, simplistic, while statuesque, but it’s writing concocted with AMELIA’s stunningly sultry tone, euphoniously evokes an essence of delightful depth. Within the song, there is a desired deception from the debunk of the at times expectedness of Pop’s buzzes.

“My producer, Yoraya, had this beat in his back pocket for awhile. He was interested to see what my take on it would be and was pleasantly surprised when I was able to write to the entirety of the song in about 30 minutes. I think it came really easily to me in the same way that chapter of life was easy to float through,” says AMELIA.

Stand out prosing by AMELIA like, “Look back and see what you’ve done. / It’s all yours, nowhere to run. / Let it sink in, was it for fun? / Look back and see what you’ve done…” sensationally sequences “Never Last” and its organic Pop genre listing and listening ingestion, a tad more aesthetically toward Alternative. 

“I mention being 17 and everything feeling like heaven. It’s a nostalgic piece for me and a reminder to stay present, don’t take good things for granted and allow those good things to aid you in the bad times. Neither will last so just be human and feel everything,” comments AMELIA.

“Never Last” points back to any pain that AMELIA’s pulled through, but it’s penned pensively enough for listeners to enchantingly engage in a likely needed “let go” from their own. While listening to this song, there might be a few melodically mellifluous moments; “Never Last” is musical monotony, however, AMELIA’s gift to groove through tonal gab, grabs your ears for an aural airlift back into a beautiful balance. To me that’s the most enchanting aspect of what AMELIA’s done here. I mean, we can all agree that things just never seem to last, but if you paint past such painful points in time, masterpieces are perpetually promised. In the proverbial words of AMELIA and her latest Single release “Never Last” just “look back and see what you’ve done…”

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