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The freshly feminine wave of what’s now called Trap Soul, sonically seams together a contemporary stream of R&B princesses and queens like H.E.R., Ella Mai, Kehlani, Etta Bond, Sabrina Claudio, Jhene Aiko, and more. Today we welcome to the scene newbie Alexis Roberts by way of her debut single, “Deeper.”

The fresh Trap Soul recording artist Alexis Roberts gained acclaim as a 22 years young R&B songstress, seductively swooning listeners with covers to some astronomical hits like SZA’s “Love Galore,” Post Malone’s “Congratulations,” and a well streamed duet with Chris Lake’s “Turn Off the Lights.”

The debut hypnotically sexy Trap Soul tune “Deeper” shoulders no take away from the spotlight. Alexis’ illustriously bliss-savvy aural efforts have earned her over 9+ million streams, and over 1 million views on Youtube. Alexis Robert’s new Single “Deeper” as well her sensational covers can be streamed on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, as well as YouTube Music.

Productively, “Deeper” inaugurates an enchanting, while somber tone for the track, that listeners will likely find tantalizingly trancing; it’s soundly and uplifting while balanced by Alexis Roberts’ singing the entire song. In the first verse she sings, “We were both so young, / we were both, so young…”. The extra emphasis here by Alexis & her writing team shows how delicate while intricate the song arrangement is. At the time time, the verse invites you to salaciously bite into nothing less than an extraordinarily amorous aural experience.

“When the song ‘Deeper’ came to me. I had been going through writer’s block for a whole year, so when I was writing the song I knew it would be special, says Alexis. “So I just basically translated how my life felt at the moment into the lyrics, which was love. Not necessarily from my significant other. But just love in general, love from God, life, relationships. From everything I was grateful for.”

Roberts also fancies refrains on “Deeper” on which she sensually extends the reach of her R&B craft with the words, “We used to go to the bay, / sit by the water all day. / I used to call up your phone, / you used to answer me, ‘bae’.” By the time Alexis resoundingly resides at the choruses, “If you only see I could take you deep” parts, you’ll likely find yourself holistically drawn into her alluring essence, that illuminates throughout the song.

Yes, I’m a tad biased when it comes to artists like Alexis Roberts, as well as songs that resound like her debut Trap Soul single, “Deeper;” I musically supervise and mix artists that vibe like her whenever I get the chance. However, only songs like “Deeper” that are masterfully produced and directed has the power to swoon your mood.

While Alexis seemingly begs in a charmingly seductive manner for her lover to trust in her on “Deeper,” you’ll likely find yourself accordingly accommodating your own romantic episodes with the likes of hers on her new Single. This is the magic of the art of sound at its finest; innately strumming through the strings of life experiences as an artist. I didn’t mean to go too ‘deep’ on why “Deeper” by Alexis Roberts is such a good debut, but I guess that’s what happens when good music pulls you in to delving a bit, ‘deeper.’

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