Seventeen-year-old Alex McArtor’s new EP, Heart Talk Vol. 1, the first installment in a pair of releases, is set to arrive on October 18. Today she releases a new EP track “Speed Into Air“—a song to help pull yourself together, inspired by a relationship that should never have happened. 

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On the new track, Alex explains: I think it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement & newness of a relationship. It’s passionate and dramatic like the movies we watch and fantasize over. It’s very easy to get blinded by attraction and what we want to believe is ‘love’, so much so that we don’t realize the manipulation and codependency that we are under. But I believe that in most cases we know deep down inside when we are not being treated well. We know when we aren’t being valued, but we don’t care and we bury it deep inside, because in some shape or form, we’ve fallen so head over heels for the person that we are willing to endure the emotional stress and hurt that they give us. I wrote ‘Speed Into Air’ because I needed a “he’s only calling you cuz he’s drunk and you’re a badass, so f that guy” type of song. And that’s what I wrote. I hope it helps someone out there the way it helped me. Life’s too short to hold on to people with bad intentions.

Alex grew up listening to Lou Reed, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Led Zeppelin, and while she credits films like Velvet Goldmine, Garden State and My Private Idaho for providing musical inspiration, there’s always a personal statement at the core of McArtor’s music.

Heart Talk Vol. I is the first release of a broader, deeply personal collection of songs I wrote over the last year or so. The collection was a therapeutic release of emotions for me and loosely based off of a few relationships that I had; young love, getting hurt, hurting others, and being a little bit ‘bat shit crazy.'”

McArtor released her debut EP, Spoken Wordthis summer, an exquisite, dreamy and downright epic music debut that pulls inspiration from both classic rock and ’80s and ‘90s alternative while showcasing the singer-songwriter’s powerful voice and pensive soul. It’s getting quite a rapturous response, as evidenced by the 3 million collective streams thus far.