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We’re proud to announce this week’s winner of #thestorybehindmymusic contest, Ajia Clark, out of Colorado! Here’s Ajia’s story…

 I got my start in music coming home from school as kid to my dad at the helm and his seven piece band rehearsing in our living room. I had terrible stage fright so I didn’t take on the microphone until my late 20’s. I first picked up the Alto Saxophone and in just three short months I could read music like a book and I was first chair. I stayed in choir so I developed quite the ear combined with being in band. Still that stage fright kept me from the front of the house. I finally decided after going to college for science and a lot of music extracurricular classes, so many the counselor asked me what my major really was lol! I finally decided after running from singing I was going to quit smoking cigarettes, get in shape and not leave this world with any music left in me. Little did I know my knack for poetry when I was younger would lead me to become a natural songwriter as well. So here I am three singles on iTunes, indie artist that made the Grammy Preliminary Ballots, Tidal, fans all over the world. I just headlined for Louis Vuitton in Detroit where I met some Motown greats who after the live show will now be joining me on my debut R&B/Soul album with a lot of other cool names I’m currently working on. I got the headliner gig through a single originally written and recorded by me called, “Ooo La La.” The song was sent to the NYC Louis Vuitton Headquarters and that same day it was whisked off to the Louis Vuitton headquarters in Paris, France. In a 24hr time period, they turned around and said “We gotta have her for the show.” I was told that’s never happened in the history of the company when it comes to booking their event talent. They say whatever scares you the most go and do that. So I did! Wish me luck!

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