Born in Kingston Jamaica and raised in South London Adreyn started singing and writing songs at the age of 6. Adreyn calls himself an alternative soul musician as he grew up listening to multiple genres such as Pop, Rock, Rnb, Gospel and Classical. Adreyn has worked with mainstream acts such as 169 who is known for his work with Santan Dave, ‪Craig David‬, Ramz and, Stormzy.

Adreyn Cash is back with 2 new singles Breathe & Strange Fruit from his upcoming EP Illusions!

More Information on BREATHE

Breathe was written by Adreyn and Produced by Nutty P

“I wrote Breathe after a period of depression. It was a really low period, I felt suffocated almost trapped in my existence. I personified an anti-depressant and gave those personification qualities that my family, especially my mother had shown. This song expresses how they helped me to ‘Breathe’ through their positive energy, which kept me grounded and away from being consumed by depression.”

More Information STRANGE FRUIT

Strange Fruit was written by Adreyn Cash; Co-produced by Adreyn Cash, 169 & Hypertone.
This song is different from the traditional R&B & Soul style Adreyn writes, he decided to experiment and use Caribbean elements to give this song a unique style.

“I wanted to write a song about finding love in a place where you have everything. You know, all the material possessions you need – but there’s one thing missing, which is the feeling of true love.”

The Future for Adreyn

The illusions EP will be released in September with an extra 4 songs.