Seven years since the critically-hailed Between the Devil And Two Black Hearts (their last studio release), Los Angeles-based 8MM returns to the forefront of the orchestral alternative scene with a stellar new EP HEART-SHAPED HELL which will be released on February 22, 2019.  Featuring Grammy-nominated producer/mixer and multi-instrumentalist Sean Beavan (Nine Inch Nails, Thrice, No Doubt, Slayer) and multi-faceted wife/vocalist Juliette Beavan, 8MM has grown and evolved since their last release.  “In the past few years, we’ve found some really cool and interesting new artists putting out very cool work that reminded us of the vibe of our first EP, Opener,” Sean explains. “It gave us the itch and inspiration to get back to our moody, cinematic roots. So, when one of our outside projects got pushed back, we found ourselves with a month free so we sat down and banged it out. It’s our favorite collection of 8MM songs so far.”

Kicking off with the pulsating “Self-Inflicted Heartache” highlighting Juliette’s bluesy vocals that dance in and out of Sean’s anxious soundscape, Heart-Shaped Hell’s six songs push the boundaries of their brand of slinky dark pop.  The atmospheric “Bring It On” builds an emotional arc amidst a trip hop-esque structure, establishes the band as premiere songwriters who imbue an innate melodic backbone that grasps at the heartstrings like a drowning man to a lifeline.

Premiering today via Ghettoblaster Magazine, first single “Supercrush” finds the band at their apex – Juliette’s confident and commanding vocals serving as a worthy adversary to Sean’s rhythmic dexterity.  “We wanted to write a song that tied the swampy, bluesy-ness of Between the Devil… and the 808 heavy, cinematic quality of Heart-Shaped Hell together,” says Juliette of the song. “Thematically, ‘Supercrush’ is that vice or person that you know better than to fool with but you just can’t help going back to… every time.”