Independently racking up over 5 million streams on DSPs in the lead up to the release of his debut album Violet High, London-born Canada-raised and Alberta,VA-based artist 80purppp just dropped his new single “Unstable.” Fusing his trademark rap/R&B style with a subtle pop influence, the track is built on an original beat by Ric & Thadeus, marrying his relatable lyrics about life as a youth with slick production and a powerful hook. 

Streaming now via AMUSE

This song means a lot to me mostly because it comes from the perspective of the average high school student,” says 80purppp. “Being in high school and basing this project off of my experiences left some really raw themes up for experimentation when it came to writing.” Spitting hyper-emotive bars over a mutual flirtation between guitar samples and an addictive hip-hop beat, the song delivers 80’s razor-sharp message in emotional tones that evoke the realities of life as a young person. “This song is an anthem to all the youth who are like me, mentally or emotionally unstable,” he continues. “The message of the song is that you don’t have to let your condition define you, and in fact you can utilize what you’re going through in your everyday life.”

80purppp’s new release follows his most recent single “Tay!,” a mid-tempo R&B groove with a soft undercurrent of disco. At first, “Tay!” hooks you with a drum machine groove you can’t help but nod your head to, before a melancholic keyboard line throws you off kilter and you’re hooked. Armed with an addictive flow and unmistakable sense of style, the rapper is already giving his counterparts in The 6 a run for their money and he’s only just getting started. 

Born in London, England before moving to Ontario, Canada and finally basing himself in Alberta, Virginia, 80purppp is the rising British-Canadian artist known for his signature voice texture and catchy anthems about mental health, sexuality, break-ups and friendship. 80purppp first started creating music after experiencing heartbreak for the first time and needing an outlet for everything he was feeling. He never intended to release his music to the public, instead he wanted to record songs and keep them to himself as a form of diary. Inspired by elements of R&B and pop, 80purppp’s sound is dominated by broad, seductive melodies and crisp, catchy production. He hopes his music will give a voice to youth dissatisfied with the circumstances they’ve found themselves thrown into, providing hope and inspiration for the future.

80purppp’s debut album Violet High is due out on December 6th via Amuse.