Conceptualizing the past two years of emotional growth into profound songwriting, Noella Rain announces the release of her debut album Phoenix on November 2nd, 2019. Noella Rain had the opportunity to work with producer Jeff Gruber (Ken Navarro, Sam Post, Jessica Krash) at the renowned Blue House Productions. Comprised of 10 original tracks, Noella Rain covers themes of self-love, dark times, and empowerment. 

Noella Rain has teased the album through her various single releases. “Black & white” dropped in August and conveys the uniqueness and color within all of us—reiterating the power of independence and individuality. She followed the single with the releases of “Scars Are Your Strength”, a piece about moving forward with strength, and the title track “Phoenix”. 

With over 60,000 collective streams on Spotify, the 16-year-old indie songwriter has connected her lyricism and soulful vocal style to a new audience. Like many of her songs, Noella Rain focuses on channeling her personal experiences to create intricate stories that resonate with her fans. 

Now, Noella Rain is excited to continue to connect with her fans through her debut album, Phoenix, dropping on November 2nd.The album is a musical diary of Noella’s own personal journey over the past two years documenting feelings of hopelessness and transitions to empowerment. The day also marks her 17th birthday, with the album signifying a new life journey. Be sure to follow Noella Rain on Instagram to stay updated on what coming for this new rising talent.