Montreal pop artist, Neomi, releases her brand new single, “Tables,” a sultry electro-pop song that highlights a once blooming relationship turned dull.

The intro features a fast electro beat followed by the first verse of the song. Behind Neomi’s voice you can hear a touch of piano, the electronic beat still shining through. Different from her previous track “Body on Body,” a song that’s worry-free, lustful and exciting, “Tables” touches more on a relationship and its journey to the end.

“‘Tables’ is a melancholy alt-pop track that tells the story of a fiery relationship that is stuck in a loop,” says Neomi. “The heartbreak in this scenario is transformed into empowerment by taking control of the situation and turning the tables.”

The beginning lyrics really set the mood for the song: “…a devil and an angel / lost some parts of me / some good, some bad.” Internally you can tell that Neomi is semi-struggling with the idea that the relationship is ending. Lyrics like, “out of the dark / out of the dark” make the listener feel as though the end came up quick.

The chorus leads with the verse, “Oh my / Oh my / How the tables have turned” and is followed by, “Oh my / oh my / how the roles are in reverse.” In the lyrics following, Naomi goes on to describe the start of a relationship and the feeling of being in it for the “long run.” The idea of “tables turning” is what puts that idea to rest.

Without further ado, check out Neomi’s “Tables” below.

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