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It’s charming, yet captivating in a Billie Eilish type of way. It’s teething for much more than expression and has that girl-boss status vibe. It’s Sydney Cope’s latest release, “Watch Out for Me,” a catchy and addictive pop single with a little sass.

Sydney Cope, a young creative super force, supervenes out of the Lone Star state, Texas. Such fittingly fits her to a tee, as she’s likely alone in the category of any of the current new acts you’ll see from there with the prodigy power to both take on and triumph the professional paths of a Taylor Swift, Julianne Hough, or potentially, Jennette McCurdy. She’s been enchantingly engaging audiences since about 2 years young, and she’s a quintessential quint-threat, as she sings, writes, dances, choreographs, and acts. She does them well also.

Sydney Cope’s “Watch Out For Me” has a voice of reason for the seemingly sudden turn of events of arduous play. The song placates an auditory balance and stability throughout it. Lyrically, from the “If I say something, you start judging, / can’t let it be” to the “Lies on lies is all I hear, / shut your dirty mouth,” you sense this Texas angel winningly angling an angst. “Watch Out For Me” has a climatic vibe that is brought home with the lyrics, “Watch out for me, coming after you / Gonna make you beg, / got a lot to lose, / so watch out for me.”

“Watch Out for Me is a song that is left open for the audience in relation to being betrayed by someone who was loved,” says Sydney. “I wrote this song in 20 minutes and my Producer, Michael Child and his wife Wendy added the final touches to create this gem.”

Ms. Sydney Cope has got quite an extensive list of uploads on the internet, but “Watch Out for Me” dots all the i’s and crosses all the t’s; it becomes pretty clear that there’s more to it. If you really listen to Sydney, you’ll find that she’s really more of a Country cross over recording artist.

What makes her journey as artist even more worth the while, she’s insanely seasoned at sonically sifting through specific genres of music like the plethora of acting roles she’s likely just as good at; It’s a telltale sign of the caliber of artistry being crafted by way of the newest Alternative Pop release “Watch Out for Me.”

Sometimes, a song title conveys a kind of double meaning, and in this case, it indeed does. Without a doubt make sure you to listen to “Watch Out for Me” by Sydney Cope, including anything else she’s got coming next.

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