We’re so excited to premiere the latest single from Washinton’s very own Strawberry Mountain titled “Oxford.”

Strawberry Mountain’s wild ethos is best embodied by the very real people who compose of the band. A band of outsider musicians, artists and friends, the self-described DIY futurepop collective makes you nostalgic for a time that’s yet to occur.

“The lyrics to Oxford were inspired by an experience I had in the city of Oxford. The opening notes of the song were inspired by ‘I ran’ by A Flock Of Seagulls. It was the first song we decided to add synth to (the outro melody) for the album, Rebirth, which started out drums/bass/guitar three piece recording project. We decided to scrap the initial three-piece vision and incorporate synthesizer throughout the rest of the tracks,” says Carter Prince, lead singer of Strawberry Mountain.

The brilliance of Strawberry Mountain is birthed from an ingenious combination of surprising wisdom and innocuous inquiry. This explorative approach combined with a meteoric sonic sound defines the energy that Strawberry Mountain brings to every audience they encounter.

“With little introduction to the band prior, they stunned myself and the crowd with a set of songs that ventured across vast sonic territory. Psychic visions would blare from their PA speakers as the band stood close together, reaching over one another and playing each other’s instruments.” – Dusty Henry, KEXP

“We also brought on a fourth member to cover synthesizer and the second guitar for playing these songs off Rebirth live whereas we initially began promoting this batch of songs as a three-piece. We hope you enjoy the song,” comments Carter.

Carter’s own creative craft adheres to the praxis of experimental profundity similarly found in the works of fellow NYC x Pacific Northwest talents like Zach Burba, Erin Birgy & acts like Fiji, Mega Bog & more; Human Music is something that everyone from the OST Tapes obsessed crowd to the casual listener will enjoy in a shared experience that basks in the every-expanding & inherent joy that glows within the existential spark that together we experience in humanity. – Simon Gompers, Impose

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