New York City’s own Sam Setton returns today with a heartfelt and brooding new single, “Wine.” Exploring how love and dependency can sometimes turn toxic, the single is fully charged with confrontation, frustration, love, hatred, and every emotion in between. “Wine” is a shimmering, intoxicating, and truly addictive listen.

LADYGUNN premiered “Wine” on Wednesday, complimenting the song’s “next-level production” and Setton’s “melodic songwriting.”

Fusing intimate storytelling, R&B vocals and forward-thinking pop melodies, Sam Setton is quickly carving out a musical lane of his own. Setton often sings of heartbreak, but these are not your average break-up songs. With a sound reminiscent of Majid Jordan and Honne, paired with the introspective songwriting sensibility of LANY, Setton provides heartfelt vocals over warm electronic-infused production, bringing a unique twist to the pop music landscape.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Setton has been making music since his early teens. However, it wasn’t until last summer that he began unveiling his own music. He released his debut EP ‘Renegade,’ and instantly won approval from Billboard. Since the release of his debutl EP, Setton has continued his well-deserved buzz with singles such as “Santiago” and “Wine.” In recent months the New York native has also stepped up his live performances, recently opening for Des Rocs at Elsewhere (NYC) and making his LA debut at The Peppermint Club. Pumping out consistent, emotive and captivating releases, Sam Setton is a name you’re going to want to remember.