Review by Giovanna Citro

Today, we are happy to premiere the latest single ‘Turn It On’ from Bad Business, a “yacht band” from New York, led by singer Alex Van. The track brings back a retro, 80s-like sound that will capture the attention of any listener.

“Turn It On” begins with a smooth sound of the guitar which flows into a soft rock melody that lures the listener in before plunging into the heart of the song. The overall mood of the song is upbeat, yet relaxing and mellow which sets the chill vibe of the track. The harmonics are contagious and force the listener to appreciate the smoothness of the song.

The high-energy and passion in Alex’s voice keeps the listener engaged throughout the duration of the track. The lyrics flow with the upbeat and positivity of the song itself. For example, he sings “It’s a brand new day/you got to find your way” which reminds the listener to have more of a positive outlook on life. Throughout the song, the polished vocals ride along the up-tempo beat which continues to portray a positive vibe. One line reads, “Just break away from that familiar way” which is telling the listener to let go of your familiarities and step outside of your comfort zone. Alex offers an honest and care-free way of singing the lyrics which is a reminder of the rebellious nature of rock.

The saxophone kicks in towards the second half of the song, which continues to give the song a flash of energy and style. The polished vocals continue to give off a chill atmosphere. The outro takes the listener out of the song in a calm and peaceful way that leaves them wanting more.

Overall, “Turn It On” portrays a retro, chill vibe that takes the listener on a smooth-sailing ride throughout the entirety of the song. The lyrical highlights and smooth harmonies leave the listener wanting more. This 80s-like sound flows perfectly with the vocal harmonies and upbeat mood and is the ideal summer track.

Listen to ‘Turn It On’ here.

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