Today, Lo Boii releases their music video for “Sweeter,” a refreshingly energetic, electronic rendition of a love song. The video is hypnotizing, providing flashes of a motley crew taking turns singing the song’s “spellbinding” (Variance) lyrics. Directed by Lauren Kessler, the visuals take viewers artfully on an illusory trip, where you can’t tell the distinction between actor and musician.

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“We wanted to go back to the future, and reinvent inspiration from our favorite 80s artists, like Talking Heads/David Byrne,” Lo Boii says. “For the video, our director Lauren Kessler understood the art had to be consistent with our vision – trippy, retro, soulful and modern, all at once.”

“Sweeter” was released earlier this year as part of Lo Boii’s debut project ‘Sex Doesn’t Sell…Anymore’ (AWAL) that Soulbounce praised for its “eclectic, futuristic soundscapes that subvert the expectations of pop and R&B.”

Listen to the EP here

Lo Boii is an alternative R&B duo comprised of producer/writer Aaron Kleinstub (aka Aalias) and vocalist/writer Corey Latif. Hailing from Philadelphia (Corey) and Cleveland (Aaron), they have amassed an impressive list of songwriting/production credits with some of today’s biggest names in music: Rihanna, Usher, Eminem, Chris Brown, DJ Snake, and more.