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James Abrahart, also known in the music scene as JHart, has released his newest effort titled “Put It To Bed.” Originally from Essex, United Kingdom, but now based out of L.A., Jhart has collaborated with a number of big names in the music scene including Kygo, Justin Bieber and Camila Cabello. However, the time has finally come for Jhart to create a sound of his own. His latest soulful romantic slow jam “Put It To Bed,” will have listeners ready to put an end to all of love’s uncertainties.

The opening instrumentation of the track sounds as if listeners are about to enter an intense James Bond film. Lyrics like, “Look what your lips made me do / I wanna touch you all over /you wanna talk to me ‘till we’re black and blue,” tells listeners that this song is going into a much more romantic direction.

‘Put It To Bed’ was a song that came out of a relationship that never quite developed into something functional, its dysfunction served for some passion, but beyond that I was pleading with him to communicate with me,” says JHart. “I knew when I started working on it with Nick Ruth I wanted it to feel soulful and sexy and yet have an undertone of depth and darkness.”

Listeners hear a very diverse vocal range from JHart with moments like “Standin’ in separate corners / takin’ our time with the torture / can we put, put it to bed? / Let me get close to you, the way I’m supposed to do,” demonstrates how high his voice can get. Moments on this new single where he stretches out his vocal range allows listeners to hear what he’s capable is what sets a track like “Put It To Bed” apart from others in the mainstream pop music scene. We can only hope that JHart keeps up with his stroke of originality when creating future tracks.

The music video for ‘Put It To Bed” adds another complex layer of narrative distress to the track, with the opening shot showcasing a burning mattress. When listening to the track on its own the song sounds and feels much more playful, but when the lyrics are paired up against the narrative story arc of the music video, listeners may walk away with a different interpretation of the song’s meaning.

JHart is the perfect mix of Shae Jacobs diverse instrumentation style and Jesse Saint John vocal range. JHart brings a heat all his own with this new single though. “Put It To Bed” should be in every mainstream pop playlist across streaming services because it’s too good to not be heard far and wide.

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