The Costs of Success is a 3 track offering that takes us on a trip into the rapper’s world and showcases his positive mindset and personal progression. The tracks are flooded with inspiring, uplifting lyrics that paint a powerful, extremely relatable picture for the modern generation. Some of these are sure to make Instagram captions for his fans and beyond.

There is no doubt that The Costs Of Success displays the undeniable talents of J Grange in numerous ways. From effortless, distinctive flows and cadences, J flaunts unique skills far beyond an artist of his age and experience.

J Grange is much more than a rapper. Having overcome early struggles with Mental Health and being diagnosed with ADHD, J Grange has found his therapy in music, helping cope with his “inside anger” and leading him down the right path.

Once he found his method, J has been actively ‘giving back’ to schools and charities in and around London. At only 18, his mission is to offer advice and to counsel others in need of a helping hand and support, something he is keen to continue and expand on as his career grows.

Stay tuned for the official release of The Costs Of Success.