LONG ISLAND, NY | JANUARY 11TH, 2018 – NY-based indie pop/rock band Here’s To You have announced the upcoming release of their new single “Burning Alive,” out on all digital platforms 1/18/19. Their first music released since 2015, Here’s To You have been in the studio for nearly four years, giving their sound a refreshing update and expanding their craft. Their signature sound is still present – “Burning Alive” is built around HTY’s meticulous guitar work, crisp vocals, and groovy tones – but in 2019, their musicianship has matured. 
After playing together for almost a decade now, NY-based, indie pop/rock outfit Here’s To You are finally making a return with their sophomore LP, Wonder/Wander. Formed back in 2009 while still in high school, Charlie Giovanniello (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Stephan Stanzione (Drums, Vocals) and Greg Almeida (Guitar, Vocals) self-released their debut album Love Me Or Leave Me, inspired by their high school experiences. After playing hundreds of shows across the eastern seaboard, playing The Bamboozle Festival, South By Southwest Festival, and multiple shows with Atlantic Records artist Cash Cash, the group managed to garner a tight following.

In 2016, the missing piece of HTY, Mike Fenimore (Bass, Vocals), was found to finally complete the group’s lineup. After spending the past three years writing, recording, rehearsing, and honing in on a fresh, updated sound, the band has used their experiences of growing up and falling in and out of love in the modern-digital age as the main set piece for Wonder/Wander. Every single rhythm, chord, and melody on Wonder/Wander has been carefully crafted, recorded, altered, and subsequently re-recorded, until each member of the band was satisfied with the final product.

It’s the band’s attention to detail and meticulous songwriting on Wonder/Wander that will be sure to excite fans both old and new. After working hard behind the scenes for so long, Here’s To You is beyond eager to finally show their fans and the rest of the world what their new album and sound is all about. Their new single “Burning Alive” will be released to all digital platforms on 1/18/19.