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Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” is alluring to listeners for a variety of reasons. It’s what I call entertainingly balanced, as it presents a love story menaced with the haunting realities that very likely could ravish it. The sonics around it sinister a sound that’s surreal and sensual to the same stylings of Lana Del Rey, Shirley Manson & Garbage, & Trip-Hop deities Portishead. The fizzy felt fusion of Trip Hop was a wave that started before most of us were around, so it feels somewhat mystic to hear its influence, but it’s so obviously apparent in Girl Wilde’s latest Alternative Single release, “Probably Crying.”

Girl Wilde started actively designing her career in music at around age twelve; it was at that time that she crafted her sound with 80’s & 90’s music superstars Miami Sound Machine. She left high school her sophomore year with fierce fortitude that making music was her modus operandi.

After linking up with a vocal coach, she made the leap to live in Los Angeles, and soon after she released a Single called “Nervous Breakdown” followed up by another titled, “Fake Louis.” All of those songs including the latest release, “Probably Crying,” exude a fierceness and openness that catapulted Girl Wilde out into that exclusive stratosphere of musical stardom.

She professes to creatively cultivate from a craving to remain unharnessed to any one genre, and by the sounds of her music, she’s doing that with an impressively bold and perceptive passion. Girl Wilde’s music can be streamed on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music. 

With an 80’s edge and acoustics aside, Girl Wilde’s “Probably Crying” eventfully vents out the lyrics, “If you can’t find me on Friday night, / I’m probably crying. Heart to heart with a spliff at night, / I’m probably high.” She sharply turns the corner to the next stanza, which is even more potent then the previous, it reads, “Do you ever wonder if God is even real, / cuz everything’s so f*cked up? Misery is good company, I’m probably crying.”

Those lyrics as well as the remainder of the song, showcase a darkness that Girl Wilde dances with, and there’s nothing on “Probably Crying” that she seems to sing untruthfully about. As a matter of fact, that very same authentic melancholic sound seems to marinate this and all her previous works, leaving our listening palettes delectably calling out for more.  

It’s always inspiring to see the fusions of other genres and artistic aptitudes springboard into new artists. It’s a reminder that all art mirrors some other form of art. In the case of Girl Wilde and her newest Single “Probably Crying,” you get a good glimpse into both 90’s & early 2000’s Trip-Hop and Electronica as well as the recent artists like Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish.

I had the happy accident of getting into CDs, and that’s how I found out about groups like Garbage and Portishead. They had dark takes on whatever and weaved into a sound that you could sink yourself into even further, delightfully. To me, that is a telltale sign of the depth of Girl Wilde, and when you couple that with her musical intelligence, you find some light in everything that she’s crying out about in “Probably Crying.”

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