Photo Credit: James Bianchi

Premiere Via The New Nine

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Following up on her spectacular debut EP, A Woman Alone, Freda James is revealing a surprise bonus track titled “Her Hymn,” out now.

There is something both otherworldly and of this earth about Freda James’ music and “Her Hymn” is no exceptionInspired by her time in the Berkshires among friends, the song is liberated from traditional structure and written straight from the heart.

On the songwriting experience, Freda elaborates, “I was just touching the keys till the right chords settled in. A melody arrived in my mind, words began to flow, and soon I had something that felt soothing. It was a true freestyle moment, a snippet of an otherwise long jam session.”

Despite missing the cut off for the track to be added to the EP, which released last month, Freda James felt a calling for it to still be a part of the A Woman Alone project. Freda describes the track as “a moment of closure” for her. She explains that “the track is a bridge, extending from this first body of work into my next… This is a song, unrefined, to capture a bit of what I love most about music; the channeling of moods and soul as they come.” 

A Woman Alone was released on July 19 to instant praise from the likes of EARMILK, Gold Hand Girls, and Aesthetica Magazine. The EP is presented as a collection of sonic diary entries chronicling Freda’s discovery of self-empowerment and womanhood. The resulting sound is as a breath of fresh air in the indie-pop landscape, fusing elements of soul, disco, R&B and pop influences to create a unique and captivating listen.

Female empowerment is at the heart of Freda James’ music, making “Her Hymn” the perfect closing song to her debut EP. From her lyrics to her live performances – which come alive with the help of her all-female band – Freda makes it clear that women do, indeed, run the show.