Written by Hero Magnus

“I see the light / tunnel vision / I know where I’m supposed to go,” sings Dylan Emmet on his latest inspo-pop track. Emmet is a very prolific musician, releasing more than a dozen singles as a solo artist since 2013, as well as his debut album Handslikegold in 2016. He also writes and produces for other musicians all around the country. So– ambition and tunnel vision? It rings true. 

Songwriters like Emmet are adept at writing all kinds of material, so it’s interesting to see what they choose to keep for themselves. (Sia made this complex affair transparent with her 2016 album This is Acting, a collection of songs she had originally written for other pop stars).

Emmet’s own music is characterized by the quasi-rapping that he has incorporated into his songs since “Rain,” his first single. He also has a cutesy edge to his voice, like a young Nick Jonas (credit where it’s due: my little brother came up with this very accurate comparison). 

But, it is the story that Dylan Emmet chooses to tell in his music that is most compelling. While living in Los Angeles, Emmet found out he had a two-year-old daughter that he didn’t know about, so he moved to upstate New York to take care of her. His releases mostly deal with that kind of serious emotional turmoil, excitement, and determinedness. And his latest song is the most emotionally intense yet. 

“The moment I wrote ‘Tunnel Vision’ was the moment I decided I would stop listening to all the outside voices and trust myself. It’s my message to anyone telling me I’m not doing it “right.” I can’t hear you.”

– Dylan Emmet

On “Tunnel Vision” he bursts into the first prechorus with his signature speed-singing style: “I’m out here breaking my back / even when they’re crushing my soul / even when I question myself / I gotta keep going / used to have panic attacks / now I’m on track.” Striking the right balance on an empowerment anthem is difficult and so often artists come across as cheesy or unconvincing. But, Emmet is very specific in “Tunnel Vision,” which makes the song compelling. 

It’s bold to write about panic attacks in a pop song, shedding light on mental health issues and making it less taboo to talk about. His struggles are genuine, and he is ready to put them out in the open. 

I love the bridge and how it shifts musically to an entirely different style with very tight vocal harmonies and notes in the background that remind me of sirens. The production is interesting on this song, likely a result of Emmet’s experience as a producer. The catchy vocal distortion on the lyric “you’re just gonna feed the fire / even if I burn” is a great touch.

“Should have listened to my inner voice / the whole time” sings Emmet near the end of the song.  Now, he’s listening to that voice, and we are so happy we get the opportunity to hear it.

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