Chelou has made a name for himself through the creation of otherworldly psych-pop soundscapes, and latest single “Garden” doesn’t at all disappoint on that front. The reverb-heavy new single is a master class in stoner rock interspersed with the gentle strum of an unplugged electric guitar and beats that wouldn’t seem out of place in a Massive Attack song. As uplifting as it is psychedelic, the latest from the London underground scene’s reigning king of lo-fi is a garden of earthly and heavenly delights.


“Garden was written whilst my computer was broken which kinda forced me to go back to basics … moving away from production and just focusing on the core simplicity of a song,” Chelou says about the track. “I felt exposed and really wanted the lyrics and the guitar to be as profound as possible but in their raw form. It’s a metaphorical interpretation of the state of our planet and the transience of life, recognizing an on-going dismissal by oneself to actually look and engage with the reality of things.”

Described by Billboard as a “glistening psych-pop lava lamp,” Chelou’s debut “Out of Sight” is a sentimental pastiche of the homegrown artist’s inner voice, touching on personal themes of belonging, trust, connection, and self-discovery. Chelou emerges from his public reclusion with an album whose sonic clarity and lyrical sincerity speak to his aim of touching audiences’ hearts.