Review by Jamie Glenn

Imagine its been a crazy day and the only thing on your mind is a midnight drive, the middle of the night haze is looming over you, so an intellectually soothing track is just the thing to put your mind at ease., John Mayer was ten years ago, so you make way for the next generation of fedoras, bare feet, and acoustic guitars, Arms Akimbo.

Indie rock outfit “Arms Akimbo,” a four-piece band that soothes listeners with a happy-go-lucky sunshine high in their latest track “Devil.” The song makes its mark with its simple production, instrumentation, and labor of love lyrical messaging, especially with lyrics like “Wait, don’t you think it’s crazy that we’re here / Ain’t it strange how simple things can be so insecure? / She takes another picture of her beer.” These lyrics demonstrate a perfect balance between intellectualism and simplicity, which is why this song will go down so smoothly for listeners.

“Arms Akimbo” is the happy medium between acts like ‘FUN’ and “Neon Trees’ that bring the funk with their strum. “Devil” is a track that follows a beat that is much more sincere with its delivery, listeners hear a more laid back tone in lyrics like, “Wait. you say to me, why do you stop lookin’ at your phone / don’t you cheat on everything that makes you feel alone? / She’s right but I’m stubborn so I won’t.” These lyrics offer a unique and playful view into a personal relationship, but are plain enough that they’ll be relatable for listeners.

This outfit formed in college and rightfully so, this new single, “Devil” echoes the influences of the modern alternative indie scene with their snazzy, yet crisp artwork that’s matched with catchy vocals and clean instrumentation. Soon enough this group will be sitting pretty next to names that are slaying the current underground indie scene like “Harbour” or the more psychedelic learning acoustic act “Jam in a Van.”

This newest effort follows up the release of 2018’s “The Wrong Kind Of Dance Party” that strikes the same chill vibe as the second track on that EP titled, “Velleity” A track that like “Devil” stays in its lane and offers a diverse sound with a balance of emotion for listeners.

No matter what you’re doing or where you’re going this summer whether you’re in the car or at a party, “Arms Akimbo” is the perfect indie outfit to get everybody in a good mood. If the chill yet funky sound of “Devil” isn’t in your party music cue, it should be!

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