You’re in for a ride with AMERY’s personal music video for his latest single California Love!

The Belgium’s rising pop phenomenon launched his career last year with the feel-good anthem So Good. Song after song, his characteristic voice and positive energy seduced millions of listeners on streaming platforms along the way, but also national radios and the iconic sir Elton John!

Produced by James Lowland, his fourth and latest track California Love was released in June and has already been featured on several official playlists around the world, both on Spotify and Deezer (Hot New DanceDeep Delight and Deezer Italy’s Hits del momento as well as Selección Editorial in Spain). On July 2, the 21-year-old singer will unveil very contemporary visuals for California Love.

Far from the glossy and polished traditional music videos, California Love is heavily influenced by the social media where we document our daily lives 10 seconds at a time on Instagram and Snapchat or through vlogs on YouTube. Inspired by this modern format and aiming for a fresh, intimate and relatable approach, AMERY filmed the video himself for the most part. With the help of a cellphone, a Go Pro and vintage camcorder, he takes his audience on a sunny journey full of happy memories.

AMERY is now inviting his fans to make his song travel by downloading it and using it to share glimpses of the places they live and visit in their Instagram stories and YouTube vlogs. They can then mention @officialamery to be reposted. Let’s spread the love this summer!